The Record Shop Team

Martyn Hooper

Role: Shop Co-ordinator
Star sign: Gemini
1st ever concert: Thin Lizzy, Torquay Pavilion, 1974
Favourite album: Pink Flag, Wire
Collects: Concert play lists, 1940/50ís - 78ís Louis Jordan, Cab Callaway, etc, Punk 45ís
Twitter: @RecordShopChelt

Tom Hooper

Role:Student helper and shops facebook site
Star sign:Sagatarius
1st ever concert:Streets/Michell Brothers/Kanu on same bill
Collects:Reggae/Hip Hop

Steve Parker

Role: Record Fair co-ordinator / Occasional helper
Star sign: Pisces
1st ever concert: Not sure!
Favourite album: Need time to think!
Collects: Concert Tickets

Des Parker

Role: Northern Soul DJ and vinyl dealer
Star sign: Virgo
1st ever concert: Difficult question!
Favourite album: With a dab of soul, Freddie Butler
Collects: Northern Soul, Soul, R & B

Phil Daniels

Role: Website
Star sign: Cancer
1st ever concert: Depeche Mode
Favourite albums: A Northern Soul, Verve, Ostrich Churchyard, Orange Juice, The Beatles, The Beatles
Collects: Northern Soul, Soul, 50's Rock n'Roll & Doo Wop, 80's - 2000 indie, Who, Stones, Beatles, basically - everything.
Twitter: @Phil_Daniels

Neil Crosby

Role:Boot Sales
Star sign:Gemini
1st ever concert:Black Sabbath (supported by Wild Turkey Liverpool Stadium 1972)
Favourite albums:Hot Rats - Frank Zappa
Collects:Prog Rock, Kraut Rock, Avant Garde

Louis Gill

Role:Sales Assistant
Star sign:Gemini
1st ever concert:Salif Keeta
Favourite album:Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division

Evie Hooper

Star sign:You should know
1st ever concert:Kano/Mitchell Brothers.Streets - Bristol Colston Hall
Favourite album:Avril Lavigne

Richard Holmes

Role:Our new man at the Auctions searching out the vinyl gems
Star sign:Libra
Ist ever concert: Rolling Stones at Fox Gaumont Watford October 1964
Favourite Album: Fairport Convention - What we did on our Holidays
Collects: Mowtown, Stax, Atlantic, Punk, Patti Smith