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Welcome to the Record shop

Based in Cheltenham Spa, we offer Specialist vinyl, both new and 2nd hand, for sale and exchange. The Record shop is modelled on the classic Portabello Road - Notting Hill vinyl collectors dream retail outlet.

A mixture of cheap and cheerful records (from 10p upwards).

Records are sourced in the UK from Old Spitalfields Market, Notting Hill and other shops. The owner's specialist interest in 78's, Punk and reggae keeps the conversation lively and up tempo.

Well situated on a roundabout, which is the main entrance to Cheltenham from the M5 (Junction 11A), the shop lies between two public houses, the Norwood Arms and the Brown Jug. It is a pleasant environment for the whole family experience in one of the Country's most special of spa towns.

If you are making or planning to make a long journey, PLEASE CALL before. Opening hours often change or the shop maybe closed for 30 mins or so at a time if staff levels are low or things 'pop up'. We don't want anyone to have a wasted journey and whilst twitter is great for updates and short notice alerts, a call to Martyn would ensure all is OK.

Opening times

Saturday 25th June 2016
Sunday 26th June 2016

Lovely feedback

We were deleighted to receive a message from Clive Monteller who emailed to say "Hi guys - having been delighted to stumble on you at Easter, I've written up our first impressions on my blog here: http://www.midcenturychap.com/keeping-it-local-and-vintage-at-easter/. We'll be back!!"

It's always nice to receive such comments and to let us know we're appreciated.

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You can read more of Clive's blog here

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